Lumière Cosmetic Clinic

Branding for Lumiere Cosmetic Clinic

Playing upon the French word for “light”, Lumière Cosmetic Clinic is dedicated to improving your skin’s luminosity and radiance. By utilising only the latest dermatological technologies, the Lumière Cosmetic Clinic team of qualified and experienced professionals will take you on a transformative journey that will illuminate your skin from within.

A clean and elegant style logo designed to indicate the high-end professional service that Lumière Cosmetic Clinic provides. A classic font “Didot” is one of the elements used in the design. The chosen font style gives elegance to the brand. A side view of a lady’s face has been used to relate to the beauty services provided by Lumière Cosmetic Clinic.

Key Elements:

The key words to define the Lumière Cosmetic Clinic brand are elegant, professional and grand. All aspects of the visual identity are defined by these important keywords, ensuring the brand communicates with a unified voice. Everybody who comes into contact with Lumière Cosmetic Clinic will have the same brand experience and everything they say and do will reflects their brand values.

Visual elements including custom designed background patterns and custom icons add depth to the brand and strengthen the brand identity of Lumière Cosmetic Clinic. The ‘lady’s face’ illustration used in the logo design was later expanded to help design the CTA’s throughout the website.

Project Challenges:

The initial challenge for the Meld team was the lack of time allocated by the client to the branding development. The interior design team had already commenced the interior design works and this provided a couple of challenges for us. Firstly, we had to catch up to the interior designers, and secondly we had to utilise certain existing design elements that had already been confirmed by the interior design team and the client. The tight deadline meant the Meld team had to hit the ground running and work efficiently and creatively without missing any fine details.

Another notable challenge was the Bi-lingual website. The Meld team worked closely with the client to develop design and content that was visually appealing to both Western and Chinese audiences. The final result is an elegant, clean and visually striking website that seamlessly alternates between English and Chinese.

Project Highlights:

From day one the entire Lumière team was passionate about creating a brand image that stood out amongst its rivals. The passion and the willingness of the client to pitch their ideas and collaborate with the Meld team to create something really beautiful was a real highlight of this project.

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It’s our honour to have Meld Design and Production as our brand designers. It’s really important to start with a good concept for a new business. We really appreciate Meld Design and Production for providing so many master pieces.”

Monica – Lumiere Cosmetic Clinic