La Cosmetique

Lacosmetique Beauty Logo on Pink Designed by Meld
Lacosmetique Beauty Business Cards Designed by Meld
Lacosmetique Beauty Bag Designed by Meld
Lacosmetique Beauty Hoarding Designed by Meld
Lacosmetique Beauty Logo on Pink Designed by Meld
Lacosmetique Beauty Smart Phone Website Designed by Meld
Lacosmetique Beauty Signage Designed by Meld
Lacosmetique Beauty Signage Designed by Meld

La cosmetique

– Soft
– Fresh
– Natural
– Elegant

Brand Introduction:

La Cosmetique is a comprehensive beauty retailer containing hip and trendy Japanese Beauty and Korean Beauty skin care and cosmetics products. La Cosmetique is a leading brand providing Asian beauty cosmetics in Australia, delivering the quality products and professional customer service and consultations. 


Branding Inspiration:

The La Cosmetique brand concept was originally inspired by Japanese and Korean cultures. The main logo was created with inspiration from these beautiful cultures, highlighted by the clean, elegant and minimalistic elements of the logo. The focal point of the logo is the moving butterfly. The butterfly is always attracted to beauty, and with this in mind we wanted our customers to be attracted to our brand, like a butterfly is attracted to a flower. With the aid of our cosmetics we want our customers to have confidence and look their absolute best at all times.


Design Elements:

The key words to define the La Cosmetique brand are soft, fresh, natural, clean and elegant. All aspects of the visual identity are defined by these important keywords, ensuring the brand communicates with a unified voice. Everybody who comes into contact with La Cosmetique will have the same brand experience and everything they say and do will reflects their brand values.

Visual elements including the custom designed flying butterfly icon are designed to blend to natural looking background materials. The ‘flying butterfly’ illustration creates a whoosh effect and strengthens the overall brand identity of La Cosmetique.


Project Challenges:

The main challenge with La Cosmetique was taking the existing boutique brand and transforming it to something fresh and different, yet still retaining some elements from the existing branding. The Meld team worked hard with the client to extract key elements from the existing brand, and transformed them into the new and exciting La Cosmetique look. The client is rapidly expanding and needed a fresh new look to suit their new aggressive marketing strategy.


Project Highlights:

The journey of taking the existing brand and transforming the brand to something fresh and durable was certainly a highlight. Meld Design and Production were honored to go on this exciting journey with La Cosmetique.


Project Includes:
  • Branding strategy
  • Branding identity
  • Branding guide
  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Website design
  • Advertising materials




From the Client:

“Meld Design and Production helped me visualise my dreams and transform and grow my small company into a multi-store enterprise. The team at Meld looked after our: re-branding, website design and print marketing materials. I can’t thank them enough for their work and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Leila – 

La Cosmetique 

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