Family Mart

Man holding bag next to Family Asian Mart sign
Business cards designed by MDNP
Set of brochures of Family Asian Mart
Set of brochures designed by Meld
Family Asian Mart flyer
Flyer designed by Meld Design
Coffee cup with Family Asian Mart logo designed by Meld Design and Production
Plastic bag with Family Asian Mart logo designed by Meld Design and Production
Family Asian Mart poster board wall at a bus stop

Family Asian Mart

– Clean
– Passionate
– Vibrant

Brand Introduction:

Family Asian Mart is a Asian supermarket that will sell a mixture of unique authentic Asian food and will soon be located in a modern and convenient location in the Sydney CBD. They will also provide daily necessities including but not limited to kitchen utensils and cleaning products.


Branding Inspiration:

The Family Asian Mart brand concept was originally inspired by the convenience of everyday living. The main logo was created with inspiration from family and an apple, highlighted by the enlarged apple shaped M situated in the centre of the logo. The M in the name Family is also the focal point of the logo and it’s placed in the centre of logo to represent the significance of family.


Design Elements:

Key words to define the Family Asian Mart brand are clean, passionate, vibrant, and friendly. All aspects of the visual identity are defined by these important keywords, ensuring the brand communicates with a unified voice. Everybody who comes into contact with Family Asian Mart will have the same brand experience and everything they say and do will reflects their brand values.

Visual elements including custom designed background patterns and custom icons add vibrance to the brand and strengthen the brand identity of Family Asian Mart. 


Project Challenges:

Main challenges for the Meld team was the lack of time allocated by the client for the branding development. The tight deadline meant the Meld team had to hit the ground running and work efficiently and creatively without missing any fine details.


Project Highlights:

Cooperative nature of the client and their willingness to work together and create some magic.


Project Includes:
  • Branding strategy
  • Branding identity
  • Branding guide
  • Branding for Interior Design
  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Stationary design
  • Advertising materials
  • Shop signage
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