Electrification cafe branding design by Meld - Hero Image
Electrification cafe branding design by Meld - Mockup Signage
Electrification Cafe Branding and Logo Design
Electrification Cafe Branding Design
Electrification cafe branding design by Meld - Menu Design
Electrification cafe branding design by Meld - Coffee Card
Electrification cafe branding design by Meld - Coffee Cup
Electrification cafe branding design by Meld - Interior design

Electrification Cafe

– Industrial
– Classic
– Edgy


Electrification is newly opened cafe in Sydney’s thriving Burwood restaurant precinct. 


Branding Inspiration:

The Industrial revolution is the main style focus of the Electrification Cafe brand design. The logo design was inspired from coal, which was the main source to generate electricity during the 1800’s to 1900’s. The shape of the logo, combined with the cable and train illustrations, adds strong, classic and industrial elements to the brand and overall design.


Design Elements:

The key words to define the Electrification Cafe brand are industrial, classic and edgy. All aspects of the visual identity are defined by these important keywords, ensuring the brand communicates with a unified voice. Everybody who comes into contact with Electrification will have the same brand experience and everything they say and do will reflects their brand values.

Visual elements include custom designed graphics such as the steam train and coal. The graphics strengthen Electrification’s industrial brand identity. The steam train graphic can also be used as an alternate logo and is easy recognised.


Project Challenges:

The main challenge for the Meld team was the lack of time allocated by the client to the branding development. The tight deadline meant the Meld team had to hit the ground running and work efficiently and creatively without missing any fine details.


Project Highlights:

Combining visually different illustrations such as coal and the steam train to make one unified brand that everybody can recognise.


Project Includes:
  • Branding strategy
  • Branding identity
  • Branding guide
  • Branding for Interior Design
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Shop signage
  • Menu Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Stationary Design
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