De Hawker's

De Hawker's Neon light
De Hawker's logo with a stir fried Asian dish
De Hawkers business cards - Designed by Meld
Set of 3 De Hawkers posters - Designed by Meld
De Hawkers uniforms - Designed by Meld
De Hawkers brochure - Designed by Meld
De Hawkers flyers - Designed by Meld

De Hawkers's

– Welcoming
– Passionate
– Retro
– Fun

Brand Introduction:

De Hawker’s is a hawker-style restaurant, which is passionate about sharing Asian style street food with all Australians. They combine all the best street food of Asia and make it available to Sydney diners at an affordable price.


Branding Inspiration:

The De Hawker’s brand concept was inspired by traditional style Asian hawker restaurants. The main logo was created with inspiration from a traditional hawker cart and classic neon lights that can be seen in districts populated with hawker eateries. The cart is the focal point of the logo and is fused together with other other Asian design elements including Chinese characters and chop sticks.


Design Elements:

The key words to define the De Hawker’s brand are welcoming, passionate, retro, and fun. All aspects of the visual identity are defined by these important keywords, ensuring the brand communicates with a unified voice. Everybody who comes into contact with De Hawker’s will have the same brand experience and everything they say and do will reflects their brand values.

Visual elements including custom designed neon signage, packaging and uniforms add consistency to the brand and strengthen the brand identity of De Hawker’s.


Project Challenges:
  1. Combining the Chinese characters and the cart together to form the main logo.
  2. Creating the line structure of the logo to be neon light ‘friendly’, and suitable to be used in variety of neon lighting applications. 


Project Highlights:

Watching the De Hawker’s brand grow and transform from an idea on the sketch pad to a vibrant and sophisticated brand. 


Project Includes:
  • Branding strategy
  • Branding identity
  • Branding guide
  • Branding for Interior Design
  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Stationary design
  • Advertising materials
  • Shop signage
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