Sushi Hub Stop Motion Animation

Sushi Hub Stop Motion Animation

Promoting your business visually can take a range of forms these days. From stop motion and animation, to time-lapses and illustrations, there’s a wide variety of ways for you to capture the attention of your audience. Here at Meld, we love coming up with new and creative ways to tell our client’s stories.

Our most recent stop motion animation cinema ad for national food chain “Sushi Hub” is a great example of simple storytelling done effectively. But, what makes a compelling and successful ad? Our process had five stages.

Stage 1: Storyboard

When planning for any video, but especially with stop motion animation, a clear storyboard is key. This means including full layouts of each scene, timings, required animation, music and more. If your storyboard is not accurate or developed enough, nine times out of ten, it’ll come back and bite you later in the project.

Our animation board for Sushi Hub was packed full of detailed illustrations to capture the essence of the story, scene by scene, which definitely benefited us when it came to the production stage.

Stage 2: 2D Animatic

 As you know, animation can be a very labour-intensive process. That’s why it’s important to do as much preparation as possible. After creating the storyboard, we shot an animatic. Simply put, an animatic is the “rough draft” of your video. It consists of simple storyboarded panels, timed with a soundtrack and other effects.

It’s a taste of what’s to come once you start production, and is also a good opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t. For the Sushi Hub animation, it gave us a chance to map out how the food and other props would move, and how many shots we would need

Stage 3: Production

This is where the fun begins. Stop motion tends to be a labour of love, and requires a great amount of patience and care. Sushi Hub’s 30-second video was shot over five days (one scene per day), with over 1200 photographs taken for use in the animation.

For the shoot, we had five eager bodies on hand to animate over 100 ingredients. In order to maximise the available shooting space, each scene was set up on the floor and shot from above. Furthermore, each individual food item was moved and photographed over 100 times.

Day three of shooting was platter day and (as you can see) involved a lot of amazing food styling. Each ingredient was carefully styled to look fresh and scrumptious, and then placed to really give the animation its wow factor.

Stage 4: Post Production

Production is labour-intensive, but post-production is equally involved. In this stage, we pull everything together including photo editing, video editing, and sound development. As with any production, photo editing is the most time-consuming part of the project. However, finally pulling together the video editing and sound is, without a doubt, the most rewarding part of the animation.

For Sushi Hub’s animation, our team of designers and editors worked loads of human hours to create the final video. With over 6 humans working on the production, 1200 images shot, and 100 ingredients used, we’d say the final product was well worth the effort.

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Sushi Hub ingredients flying into a beach bag
Sushi Hub animation showing a variety of ingredients on a purple background
Sushi Hub animation Advertisement animation showing a hand picking food from a sushi platter
Sushi Hub animation advertisement
Sushi Hub animation Advertisement animation designed by Meld