Why Branding is so Important

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Why Branding is so Important

Branding is a key part of starting up a successful business. You might have already had ideas for a name or a logo long before you even started, but branding is so much more than that. Branding involves strategy – you want everything from the colour scheme and the packaging all the way to the advertising material and business cards to be part of a clear, consistent brand. But what does branding actually do?

Brand recognition builds personal relationships

The easiest way to build a personal relationship between your business and your customers is to make sure that they recognise your brand. If your branding is clear and consistent, your customers will become increasingly familiar with you. Eventually, they might not even need to see the logo or the company name anymore to identify your brand – think of incredibly recognisable brands like Apple or Starbucks.

People often build such a personal relationship with a brand that choosing it over others becomes a small part of their identity. This will help you get the word out – because who is more likely to recommend your product or service than someone who has a personal attachment to it? And what is easier to remember than an enthusiastic recommendation from a friend about a memorable, recognisable brand?

Your brand tells the story of your business

If you have a fun, quirky product that is branded with a generic logo and bland packaging, you are failing to tell people the story of your company and missing an opportunity to show them what makes you special. A strong brand displays the values, story, and mission statement of a company, all the way from the logo to the way your business interacts with customers on social media.

But your customers will not be the only ones who identify with the brand. You also want to build a strong brand for your employees to stand behind and have a sense of pride in. Working for a business with a strong, consistent brand can increase their sense of belonging and satisfaction, especially if the brand has a good reputation and is trusted by the public.

Branding creates additional value

Lastly, an important aspect of branding is the additional value it will generate for your business. For example, once you have established a strong brand presence, it will become easier to get investors on board for expansions or new innovations thanks to the trust that they will have in your brand. While the value of brand recognition and personal relationships might not be directly quantifiable, they ultimately make your business worth more than the sum of its parts.

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