Logo Design Trends to Avoid this Year

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Logo design trends to avoid this year

Coming up with a good logo can be a frustrating process: You want it to embody your brand, be instantly recognisable, timeless, and versatile – all at the same time. This means that you will have to put a lot of thought into how to best represent your company, and you want to make sure that you don’t fall for overused trends. That’s why we have put together this handy guide on three logo trends in 2019 and how to navigate them.

Trend: Nostalgic logos
Avoid: Pine trees and crosses

In 2019, we will see a continuation of the nostalgic logo designs from the previous years, favouring an artisanal feel and vintage textures. While this can work out well by activating a certain desire for an authentic past in the customer, make sure to avoid using crosses and stick figure pine trees, which have become increasingly generic and often don’t communicate anything specific about the company.

Trend: Gradients and vivid colours
Avoid: Overdoing it

Colourful logos can draw people in and convey fun, enthusiasm and vivacity. Gradients will be especially popular in 2019, continuing the trend from late 2018, and they can really give a simple logo that extra bit of zest. However, make sure to not over-rely on gradients – often, one gradient with a well-considered colour palette will do the trick.

Trend: Minimalism
Avoid: Thin lines and generic fonts

Minimalist text logos are not going anywhere in 2019. However, with minimalist designs it is incredibly important not to tip over into the generic. Try to keep it specific, personal and memorable. And while very thin lines will be popular in 2019 logo designs, it is best to sidestep this trend and opt for thicker lines. This will ensure legibility even when the logo is scaled down to the smallest size – think, for example, in social media profile pictures.

General advice designing a logo

You want your logo to be versatile, meaning that it can be scaled up or down for business cards, ads, packaging and your online presence, without keeping it so simple that it’s too easily replicated and loses its uniqueness. Your logo has to convey a sense of what your business is like, so what’s most important is to find something that truly fits your company. That’s why it’s wise to not simply follow trends – it’s good to be informed on what’s in vogue but remaining true to your business will always beat being trendy.

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